Cheonggyecheon is Seoul's urban rebel stream. Once buried under concrete, now a hipster oasis where this natural water way reflects off skyscrapers. By day, a chill hangout; by night, a neon wonderland. It's Seoul's middle finger to the concrete jungle, where past and future collide.


Gwangjang Market is Seoul's rebellious culinary playground that pulses with raw energy. This sensory assault of sizzling street food, vibrant fabrics, and boisterous vendors is where tradition flips the bird to gentrification. Dive into this gritty gastronomic underworld and emerge as a seasoned Seoul survivor. On in Jongno-gu

brown and white concrete building
brown and white concrete building
a group of people standing in front of a white building
a group of people standing in front of a white building


Ikseon-dong, Seoul's hipster haven, is where vintage charm meets millennial cool. This maze of narrow alleys, peppered with hanok-turned-cafes and quirky boutiques, screams Instagram gold. It's the rebellious love child of tradition and trend, flipping the script on Seoul's typical urban vibe.


Changgyeong Palace, Seoul's royal retreat, defies palace norms with its compact charm. Once a sanctuary for dowager queens, this East Palace now stands as a time-warped oasis in the urban jungle. Its battle-scarred history and zoo-turned-garden past add edgy intrigue to its serene courtyards and stoic halls.

Myeongjeongjeon, the oldest throne hall still standing, silently screams tales of power plays and royal drama. By night, Changgyeong transforms into an illuminated wonderland, where ancient architecture collides with modern light shows, creating an Instagram-worthy rebellion against the darkness.

This palace isn't just a relic – it's a survivor, rising from the ashes of an invasion and occupation to reclaim its royal status. Changgyeong Palace: a look into the past in the center of Jongno-gu.


Nestled between ancient palaces, Bukchon Hanok Village is Seoul's time-warp hideout. This labyrinth of traditional Korean houses defies modernity, luring urban explorers into its narrow alleys where centuries-old architecture collides with Instagram-worthy views. A rebel's paradise in plain sight.